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The Slate-line Bat Access    
designed and manufactured by summit slate supplies the Slate-Line Bat Access is designed to satisfy the growing
demand to meet current legislation protecting bats and their habitat.
The Slate-Line Bat Access provides a discreet and un-interrupted path from the roof exterior to 
the interior and is available in a number of slate finishes and sizes or in
colour matched plastic.
The Slate-Line Bat Access comprises of an exterior vacuum formed weathering cowl let into the body of a slate to allow entry and is combined with an injection moulded base which includes a factory applied non slip surface facilitating easy access for the bats.

(minimum width of slate of 250 mm and a minimum length of slate of 400mm) 



bat access  with natural slate top
underside of bat access 
factory applied non slip surface


Bats and the law

All 17 species of bat in the UK are protected by law.
This differs slightly from country to country, but in summary it is illegal to:-
  • kill, injure or disturb bats
  • obstruct access to bat roosts
  • damage or disturb bat roosts
because of the following legislation:
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981: England Scotland and Wales  
Wildlife (Northern Ireland) order 1985: Northern Ireland
Wildlife Act 1990 : Isle of Man
Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000: England and Wales
Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004: Scotland
Habitats Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC) on the Conservation of Natural Habitats
and of Wild Fauna and Flora

"Disturbance" is any work in or affecting a bat roost
Under the law, a roost is any structure or place used by bats for shelter or protection.
Because bats tend to re-use the same roosts year after year, the roost is protected
whether or not bats are present at the time
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